Internet advertising for vacation rentals in and near Urbino, The Marches, Italy

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Effective internet advertising for the Urbino tourism sector

If you plan to advertise your Urbino holiday accommodation or related activity on the internet,
you've come to the right place!

Many companies will offer to design your web site for you. Many companies will offer to host your web site for you. And very many companies will offer to optimise your web site for the search engines so that it receives lots of traffic. This piecemeal approach is now totally ineffective because there are too many web sites on the internet offering the same product. 

The web site designers take your money and tell you that search engine optimisation is your problem.

The web site hosters take your money and say the same.

The search engine optimisers take your money and still you get no traffic.

Think twice so you don't spend twice!

Since 1997, ammonet has offered a proven, integrated solution: we design, optimise, host and promote your web page or web site, and we deliver not just targetted traffic but targetted visitors and reservations.

How do we do that?

• we are the owners of more than 50 popular Tuscany tourism internet portals that deliver traffic to our customers

• our web page design integrates search engine optimisation into the structure of the entire page

• our web pages are simple and clear - visitors see and understand your offer immediately

Start seeing results now!

Choose an ammonet option to promote your tourism enterprise.

Internet Presence Options from ammonet

Option 1: a standard web "page" - this option consists of coloured graphics (photographs, diagrams, maps, logos etc.) together with your text in Italian, English, German and French on separate pages. We often include an additional photogallery, and there is a professional reservation form that emails the reservation request directly to you. For your own promotional purposes, a standard web page has an individual internet address (URL).  Here's a live example:
Bed and Breakfast "Dondoli"

The initial design and construction of a standard web page costs Euro 450 plus translation costs. You may change a few photographs per year and up-grade the text whenever essential without additional charge. You may provide your own translations or we can arrange professional and economical translation for you.

The hosting fee is Euro 168 annually, from the date you go on-line (all taxes included).

Option 2: an independent web site with its own domain name - this option can be a design similar to option 1, for the same construction price, but hosted under a unique domain name, or it can be a large and complex, multi-page web site with sophisticated art work, perhaps running on a database. The price depends on the amount of work required to develop the web site. Here are two live examples:
- a Euro 450 site with a unique domain name:

- database-supported web site with sophisticated art work: 

The hosting fee is Euro 342 annually, from the date you go on-line (all taxes included).

Both options include links from our portals carefully chosen to promote and send traffic to your site. These links are under constant, active review. Here are some examples of our portals:
- Greve in Chianti
- Bella Toscana
- Chianti Info
- Panzano
- Impruneta
- Country Vacations

Both options include email accounts and email forwarders, plus ammonet Secure* for customers who accept credit cards.

Option 2 includes the full range of ammonet server options.

Contact us now!

Dr. Jack Benson

Tel. Italy 055 85 46 415   or   Tel. Switzerland 0041 44 364 57 11

*ammonet Secure accepts credit card details through an individually configured and professional secure interface. The cards are not processed by ammonet Secure. The account owner accesses the card details, when he wishes, and processes them using his own card processing procedure.

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